Are you making this mistake? _ The mistake of thinking just because your biceps are getting a pump, they must be growing? _ Throughout my years I’ve noticed pump doesn't mean growth. _ But you know what does mean growth? A great workout that yields proven results. _ I recently shot a YouTube video with @marksmellybell . I'm gonna tell you right off the bat, only attempt this workout if you’re a true barbarian, you won't be able to handle it otherwise. (Click The Link In My Bio) _ You have been warned. _ On another note.... _ Mark and I share a strong bond when it comes to struggling. _ Mark and I both grew up in different parts of the country, but we both struggled with the same thing: Dyslexia. At young ages we were both put into special classes because of it. _ We were always defending the other special kids in those classes, they got picked on a lot, so we defended a lot. We felt it was our obligation, our duty to stand up and fight for them. (I was in a lot of fights back then haha.) _ Mark and I are both born fighters, going against the grain. _ It helped me become who I am today. _ What's the moral of this story? _ @marksmellybell and I have always chosen the harder path. _ And throughout my 40+ years of training and competing, I've noticed that the path least taken is often the one that yields the greatest results and the most successful people choose this path. _ Always. _ And I think you know in order to get the gains you want, you have to tread down the same path mark and I did. _ That's why I know you’re gonna love this YouTube video we shot together. There is nothing easy about this workout. It annihilates the arms, so try only if you dare.

Опубликовано Mike O'Hearn Понедельник, 11 июня 2018 г.